How I made 40K dollars within 2 minutes

Below article was written by a passionated Dsdaq user. He told us the article was originally published on a local social media in Chinese, with the purpose to share this great joy with the others. The user luckily earned nearly 40 grands in a few minutes, and we are happy to republish the article in English in Medium.


Many thanks to Dsdaq and my friend who reminded me of buying Zoom.

Below I will share with you a story of how I earned 40K USD in just 2 minutes. It was indeed a big luck!

In the afternoon of September 1st, a friend told me via Wechat that ZOOM rocketed 30% in the premarket. I checked the data on and saw that zoom’s premarket price had increased by more than 30% due to good numbers in the just released Q2 financial report.

It’s for sure that zoom would skyrocket when the market opens at night.

If I had not downloaded Dsdaq a few days ago, I would not have been able to seize this opportunity. In fact, I’ve never invested in US stocks before. The crypto collateral trading function of Dsdaq makes it extremely convenient and simple for me to trade global markets with my cryptocurrencies.

Without any hesitation, I placed 8 separate limited price orders of buying long 400 shares Zoom in total with 10 times leverage. To ensure that the orders would be executed, I set the buy price around $385, which was much higher than the pre closing price.

It was 9pm when I was done placing the orders, so I decided to stay in the office and wait for market opening.

When market opened at 9:30pm, the profit of each order was nearly 5,000 dollars, and the yield was more than 300%! All orders were executed at $325.42 which was very close to previous day closing price. Without any delay, I closed all positions and secured $38,778 in less than 2 minutes. If I had waited for another 20 minutes to close the positions when price would reach $476, I would have made another 20K bucks!

Thanks again to Dsdaq and the team, it is really a great app especially for crypto traders who are also interested in investing global assets. I would like to recommend this to all my friends for sure!

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